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Klemzig School offers an engaging and innovative education programme for students reception to year 6. 

We have a strong commitment to the continuous development of teaching and learning practices that enable each student to realise their academic and personal potential. One of the stand out features of our school is its commitment to Bilingual learning which has been linked to better problem solving, working memory, visual-spatial skills and even creativity.

Our community tell us this is a great place to make local friends and get a great education that maximise their secondary school and life options. Through our community focus students are active citizens as an essential part of their learning and develop skills to influence local and global communities into the future.

Our students tell us they are excited by the learning offered and are taking on more challenging problems to solve. Through our learning programmes students develop essential thinking skills: mental agility, empathy, creativity and critical thinking - through persistent practice and fluency.

Our staff tell us this is a highly professional school that expects the very best from leaders, teachers and ancillary staff. Through our commitment to a collaborative approach for staff and students, ideas develop into amazing learning which leads to deeper academic learning and life skills for our students.

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