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DEAF STUDIES within Deaf Club

Using the Core Curriculum for Deaf and Hard of Hearing during Deaf Club students are empowered to advocate for their needs, particularly when they understand their own hearing loss. 


Some of the topics we explore during Deaf Club include: 



  • What a hearing test is 

  • How to read our own audiograms 

  • The different parts of the ear and how they connect 


  • Different types of technology available to access hearing – hearing aids; cochlear implants 

  • Different types of technology available for access within the wider community – flashing lights; alarms 

  • History of technology for DHH – history of hearing aids; TTY 


Deaf History

  • Deaf history in Australia and South Australia 

  • Famous and successful DHH people from our own community, the Australian wider community and the world community 

  • Deaf schools from around the world 

  • Sign languages from around the world 

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