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Klemzig School, Centre of Deaf Education (CDE) believes that each child has the right to a positive identity, to be proud of being Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH) and to be part of the school DHH community which gives them a sense of belonging.  

We recognise the status, contribution and role of Auslan and DHH people in the education of our students.  All students within the CDE have access to DHH role models in each classroom with either their DHH Teacher of the Deaf or Bilingual School Support Officer (BSSO). 


The Centre of Deaf Education has been part the Klemzig School Campus for over 30 years. It is now an integral part of Klemzig School.  It serves the educational needs of DHH students in the local area and wider areas of Adelaide. 


Auslan Interpreters are available for meetings and school community events such as assemblies. 


Free Auslan classes are provided for parents and families within the Klemzig School community. 


Klemzig CDE provides: 


  • Auslan Bilingual Preschool 

  • Auslan/English Bilingual School Programs (Reception to Year 6) 

  • Deaf club/Deaf studies program 


CODA (Children of Deaf Adults): Please go to our Klemzig Primary School page.


Klemzig CDE provides:


  • 3 - 5 years: Auslan Bilingual Preschool

  • 5 - 13 years: Auslan/English Bilingual Primary Programs


We aim: 

  • to provide Deaf and hard of hearing students equal access to the full educational curriculum

  • to develop fluent skills in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) for all students

  • to develop fluent reading and writing skills in English (for Deaf students)

  • to develop full fluency in English skills for hard of hearing students

  • to value and promote Auslan

  • to provide a Bilingual/Bicultural approach to learning

  • to provide a stimulating learning environment for Deaf students.


The Bilingual Program is supported by:


  • Auslan/English Bilingual classes (Mainstream/CDE)

  • Teachers of the Deaf with Auslan skills

  • Deaf adults supporting the programs

  • Auslan as the 'Language Other than English (LOTE) Curriculum area for all students across the Campus

  • Deaf Club

  • Deaf Studies

  • Signing Choir

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